With a total capacity of almost 3,500 expandable multi-media contact center seats and 4,200 employees in the Etisal International group; ETISAL International Egypt serves global clients utilizing 2,200 seats with the capacity to expand, while ETISAL International KSA serves the Middle East & GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) regions utilizing 1,000 seats with the capacity to expand. Lately; ETISAL International India serves global clients utilizing 300 seats with the capacity to expand.

Why Kingdom of Saudi ArabiA?

The delivery centers we operate from KSA are mainly designed to serve the KSA, the GCC region and any other Arab Nation. Mainly for the native Arab speakers that are employed who are culturally close to the Arab culture and also for the proximity to most of the Arab countries in the Middle East and GCC regions.

Why Egypt?

Egypt is considered as a world-class destination for IT, Contact Center and Business Process Outsourcing, mainly for cost saving reasons. Egyptians are abundantly technical, skilled and are uniquely multilingual.
Egypt's geographical location is strategic and is naturally at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa.

Why India?

India is the main attraction destination for outsourcing for the reason of its unbeatable value proposition: PQR (Productivity, Quality and Rate) factor. Key drivers of global offshoring, along with India's strengths are continuing to add fuel to India's ITES (Information Technology Enabled Services) and BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) growth engine.