Why Egypt?

Egypt is considered as a world-class destination for IT, Contact Center and Business Process Outsourcing, mainly for cost saving reasons. Egyptians are abundantly technical, skilled and are uniquely multilingual. Egypt's geographical location is strategic and is naturally at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa.
1) Abundant and Multi-Lingual Talent Supply
Egypt is the second talented pool amongst off-shoring destinations in the EMEA region and is the largest talent pool amongst all Arabic speaking countries. Approximately 31,000 fluent students in the Western European languages graduate from Egyptian universities every year. Besides the Arabic and English languages, many graduate and are fluent in French, German, Spanish and Italian.
2) Competitive Cost
Egypt is one the most competitive locations in cost savings for service delivery centers in the world. Egypt is also more cost effective than the Eastern European and Indian module, as well as providing exceptional and high professional talented resources.
3) A Friendly/Strategic Location
Egypt is an ideal place for IT, Contact Center and Business Process Outsourcing, because of its strategic location and friendly environment.
4) Favorable Business Environment
The pace of reforms has accelerated over the past years making Egypt quite attractive
for foreign investments.
- The cost of Business start-up has reduced in Egypt.
- Incorporation time slashed to an average of 72 hours.
- Our one-stop-shop situated at various locations throughout the country.
- New commercial court system / anti-money laundering and anti-trust laws implemented.
- Egypt's annual Inflation rate in January 2013 became 6.27% from 8.60% in January
5) Ongoing Investment and Support
With an on-going successful partnership, investment and support between the Egyptian Ministry of Communications and Information of Technology (MCIT), the private sector, ITIDA (which reports to MCIT) much development has occured in the IT industry in Egypt which in return attracts significant foreign investments to Egypt. 

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