ETISAL International Egypt has the largest contact center seating capacity (2,200 seats) with approximately 1,800 employees with three redundant running contact center facilities in Cairo; Facility 1 occupies 750 seats; Facility 2 occupies 250 seats while Facility 3 occupies 1,200 expandable seats.
ETISAL International KSA has a total seating capacity of 1,000 contact center seats with approximately 2,200 employees with two redundant facilities; Facility 1 in Jeddah occupies 650 expandable seats, and facility 2 is in Riyadh occupies 350 seats.
ETISAL International India has a total seating capacity of 300 expandable seats in Gurgaon .


ETISAL International facilities consist of state-of-the-art Contact Centers with Disaster Recovery online (DR) options and overflows mechanisms. All facilities are selected to ensure proper access to public transportation, proximity to downtown areas, wild open spaces and contained zones, access control management, open terrace or spaces for cafeterias, training facilities, and recruitment centers