Why Kingdom of Saudi ArabiA (KSA)?

The delivery centers we operate from KSA (Jeddah, Riyadh and Dammam) are mainly designed to serve the KSA, the GCC region and any other Arab Nation.
Mainly for the native Arab speakers that are employed who are culturally close to the Arab culture and also for the proximity to most of the Arab countries in the Middle East and GCC regions. Because of the high standard of living in KSA and the GCC area, our operations in KSA are designated to service the on-shore and near-shore clients within KSA and the GCC areas to suit relevant business needs and cultural proximity. Yet, to have a more economical cost of operations, we provide our services from Egypt and India who are both located on the global map of contact center and BPO providers globally with India ranked number 1 and Egypt ranked within the first 10 providers.

Our Global presence