ETISAL International operation is based on the next generation of CISCO contact center solutions & technology. With consistent provision of ACD, IVR, Quality Monitoring, Recording, Dialers, Multimedia transactions and open architecture for integration and interfacing; ETISAL International operations is a full redundant setup of PBXs, connectivity, Internet and redundant facilities within the same country and across countries to ensure full disaster recovery features and overflow mechanisms. ETtisal International applies state-of-the-art solutions to provide new innovative options like: Unified Intelligence Centers, Social Minor, Video Kiosks and Multimedia Resource Control.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Depending on the project business needs we either use our client's CRM applications via secured VPN (Virtual Private Network) connectivity or utilize our own custom made CRM suite of modules to manage the daily Contact-Center transaction for each project.

Multimedia Capabilities

ETISAL International supports all types of contact media - such as:
phone, fax, email, SMS, web chat, web mail, video kiosks, web collaboration and web call backs.

Information Access

To increase our clients' confidence in our services & operations and in order to provide an effective & fast tool to access all related operational and business information,
ETISAL International permits online access to reports (online/historical) as well as voice recordings for all of its project via custom made powerful portals for each client.

Information Security

ETISAL International maintains extreme security measures including external system protection (virus scan, cascaded fire walls, hack detection), physical security through access control doors and internal data security measures (group password policy, strict permissions policy, email, etc).
All of the applied measures are established and reviewed periodically to safe-guard all of the clients' data and information.

Technologies Attributes

- Full IVR Solutions
- Predictive Dialing
- Progressive Dialing
- SMS Solutions & Programs
- Chat Collaboration
- Full Dialer Solutions
- Preview Dialing
- Full Call Recording Solutions
- Email Collaboration
- Fax Management

Technology Details

- Auto Greeting
- Unified Intelligence Center (Reporting Dashboards)-web based
- Social Minor (Social Media Integration)
- Video Calls
- Video Kiosks
- Multimedia Resource Control (Speech Recognition and Text-To-Speech)